How to Use Webinars to Close Business


We all know how great webinars are for generating new leads but did you know that they can also be really effective tools for helping you to close deals? Join ON24 on Wednesday, June 22nd for “How to use Webinars to Close Business”.

This live, interactive webinar (about webinars), will highlight best practices and tips for creating bottom-of-the-funnel webinars that can help accelerate a prospect towards a sale, including:

  • Creating demo webinars
  • Using video tools to show off your products
  • How to create content that closes
  • How to drive attendees to a sales engagement

Become a hero to your sales team, and deliver highly qualified leads. Register Now.


Mark Bornstein

Mark Bornstein

Vice President, Content Marketing

ON24, Inc.

As Vice President of Content Marketing for ON24, Mark manages content strategy and marketing communications in support of webcasting and virtual event solutions. Mark brings over 20 years of content marketing, account management and communications experience with leading technology firms, including: Cisco, GE Access and Compatible Systems.