How to Build a Successful On-Demand B2B Content Strategy


Every potential customer’s buyer journey is different, and it’s important for your organization to provide the content they need, when they need it. Building an on-demand strategy for your B2B content can not only improve the discoverability of your content assets, but can also help to increase your content’s lifespan and increase lead generation.

Join Uberflip’s VP of Marketing, Hana Abaza, and ON24’s VP of Content Marketing, Mark Bornstein, for a webinar that will provide actionable insight on how to build a successful on-demand B2B content strategy.

You will learn:

  • Why and how you should leverage your B2B content on-demand
  • How to optimize specific content assets to be available to your audience on-demand
  • How to build a content experience that is designed for on-demand access to your content assets


Mark Bornstein

Mark Bornstein

Vice President, Content Marketing

ON24, Inc.

As Vice President of Content Marketing for ON24, Mark manages content strategy and marketing communications in support of webcasting and virtual event solutions. Mark brings over 20 years of content marketing, account management and communications experience with leading technology firms, including: Cisco, GE Access and Compatible Systems.

Hana Abaza

Hana Abaza

Vice President, Marketing


Hana Abaza is the VP Marketing at Überflip, a platform that helps marketers create, manage and optimize content experiences at every stage of the funnel to boost engagement and generate leads. A blend of modern chic, tech geek and entrepreneurial hustle, she combines a data-driven approach with her knack for communicating inspired tech solution to mainstream audiences to get results. Say "hi" on twitter: @HanaAbaza