Where is Your ROI?

Where is Your ROI?

Where is Your ROI?

Marketing that’s totally boss

Year after year, we keep going back to the same marketing playbook. So why are we expecting different results? Traditional marketing tactics like white papers, sponsorships, and in-person events have the same goal: get a name. But in these days of high-tech marketing, a name isn’t enough. We need more. We need webinars.

In this free, 12-minute webinar, “Where is YOur ROI?,” VP of Content Marketing Mark Bornstein shows you how engagement-based ON24 webinars will help you deliver more qualified leads, more pipeline, and more ROI. You’ll see some informative case studies and great tips, including the following:

  • Take your marketing from passive to active
  • Deliver more engaging webinars
  • Measure interest to identify the most qualified prospects

Your webinars just may be the most powerful marketing tactic you’ve got. It’s time to ask yourself, where is your ROI?

Date: On Demand
Time: On Demand
Duration: 45 minutes plus live Q&A

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Mark Bornstein
Vice President, Content Marketing
ON24, Inc.

As Vice President of Content Marketing for ON24, Mark manages content strategy and marketing communications in support of webcasting and virtual event solutions. Mark brings over 20 years of content marketing, account management and communications experience with leading technology firms, including: Cisco, GE Access and Compatible Systems.