Wainhouse Report

Most of us have a webinar strategy — but how good are we at really tracking the value of our webinars? We asked Wainhouse Research to help us find out. Spoiler alert: 73% respondents report that webinars are more cost-effective than other marketing alternatives. And now the code has been cracked on how to use webinars to dramatically increase pipeline.

Download the report, “Setting a New Gold Standard for Webinar Analytics: How Savvy Marketers Measure and Mine ‘Online Engagement’ to Build Pipeline and Increase Revenue,” and get detailed insight on measuring your webinar ROI, including the following:

  • Maximizing the marketing value of webinars
  • Creating engagement with sales prospects
  • The importance of measuring webinar mindshare
  • Tips for better leveraging webinar engagement

Ready to get more from your webinars? Download the report today.

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