5 Signs Your Webinars Are Falling Short


Are your webinars really getting the job done? Are your audiences engaged? Are you getting enough well qualified leads? Are you building pipeline? There are a lot of reasons that your webinars may be falling short and it’s time to learn why.

On November 12, attend “5 Signs Your Webinars are Falling Short” and learn how to identify and fix some of the key reasons your webinars may not be hitting the mark. This interactive, video webinar will feature best practices and guidance on:

  • How to re-start a stagnant registration process
  • How to ensure that you are speaking to the right audience
  • How to increase the level of audience engagement
  • Keys to increasing webinar lead conversion


Mark Bornstein

Mark Bornstein

Vice President, Content Marketing

ON24, Inc.

As Vice President of Content Marketing for ON24, Mark manages content strategy and marketing communications in support of webcasting and virtual event solutions. Mark brings over 20 years of content marketing, account management and communications experience with leading technology firms, including: Cisco, GE Access and Compatible Systems.